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Black Out Fight Gear Presents “Black Out Muay Thai Fights” inside the National Guard Armory Building at Gold Country Fairgrounds.

We are currently writing a recap of the event. Check back soon for updates. For now, checkout pictures from the event!

While everyone else is fighting over walls and borders, we’re bringing the USA and Mexico together in a friendly match-up at the first ever Muay Thai fight event in Auburn, California. Superstars from the fight world will be attending, along with the President of the Mexican International Kickboxing Federation (
IKF) Felix Perez, and IFK Worldwide President Steve Fossum.

Black Out Fight Gear Ambassador & 
WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Rikishi will on the mic at the event, pumping up the crowd! 

Production Team
KnokX Pro Entertainment specializes in planning and coordinating live sporting events, and will be running the event!

Food & Beverages
~ Beer & Wine Bar
~ Hot Dogs, Nachos, Pizza, Candy, Sodas, Water

We look forward to seeing you at the fight!


More Information Coming Soon


More Information Coming Soon

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