One Year Later

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It hard to believe just a year ago we were drawing pictures of what was to come. Twelve months later things are really coming together. Behind the scenes it takes an incredible amount of effort from everyone to produce something so beautiful. Through hard work , good friends and most of all family, Blackout Fight Gear is getting noticed around the world.

Pro fighters approach is daily asking about our gear. This 300 pound baby (me) actually broke down in pure happiness today enough to get up and lock the front door at store so I could soak it all in.  My only advice is don’t give up and stay positive. Thank you everyone for giving us the opportunity to protect your weapons.

  • Rod | Founder & Owner Blackout Fight Gear & Apparel

Here are some examples of the design process for our gloves:

78Blackout-Fight-Gear-IKF-Official-Gear 2 3 5   6

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